A Surprise for 30 Years


How to make a surprise for someone dear?

  1. Call Transilvania Hotel and book a room. You say that it is about a special occasion.
  2. Work with our team to establish every detail. You benefit from our professional experience and plan togheter every element.
  3. You check in and enjoy the happiness of the birthday boy or girl.
Balloons, balloons balloons: a room full of flying balloons.
Neither bathroom was forgotten.
The bed board was decorated with messages picked by our guest.
We welcomed the birthday boy with the curtains closed.
Magical 30 years
If we would to resume everything with a single imagine, we are sure that this is the one.

Of course, next was the cake and the champagne.

If you want to organise a surprise for someone special, we would be more than happy to assist you. Call us: +4 0721 291 790 or email us: